SC Invites Public Feedback on Regulatory Framework for Trustees and Custodians
12 October 2016|   Kuala Lumpur
Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) today published a consultation paper seeking public feedback on a proposed regulatory framework for trustees and custodians in the Malaysian capital market.

Currently, there are 90 custodians and trustees safekeeping approximately RM1.7 trillion worth of assets on behalf of investors. The SC recognises the significant role played by trustees and custodians in maintaining investors’ trust in the capital market by safeguarding investors’ assets and interest.

In view of the important functions undertaken by these entities, the SC is proposing to revise the regulatory framework that include streamlining entry standards and on-going conduct obligations that will create a level playing field among trustees and custodians. To enhance efficiency, the SC also proposes a one-time registration to enable trustees to provide services for all capital market products instead of the current product-based registration.

This framework is consistent with SC’s efforts in realigning its regulatory approach from product-focused to intermediary/activity-focused. This framework will focus on conduct regulation to ensure that trustees and custodians prioritise investors in all of their decision-making process. In addition, it will place greater emphasis on board and management responsibilities by holding them accountable for the conduct of the registered entity and their representatives. The SC will also enhance the supervision of trustees and custodians to ensure that these registered entities continue to remain fit and proper when carrying out their obligations and responsibilities in protecting investors’ rights and assets.

The consultation paper in relation to the proposed regulatory framework is available here. Interested parties and the public are welcome to submit their comments and feedback to the address and email feedbackT&[email protected] before the closing date of 12 November 2016.

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