To ensure trust and confidence in the capital market, the SC regulates the capital market based on the principles of transparency and proportionality to commensurate with the risks posed. We actively update and enforce our regulations and securities laws to ensure that the capital market operates in a fair and orderly manner as well as to reduce systemic risks. Here you will find a list of our Acts, guidelines, consultation papers, frequently asked questions on our regulations, technical notes, updates on our enforcement actions and licensing information.
As the Malaysian economy continues to evolve and become increasingly diverse, we need to ensure a sustainable, inclusive and innovative capital market that caters to a wide spectrum of investors and issuers, as well as provide opportunities for wealth creation. The SC’s developmental efforts remain focused on growing and strengthening the competitiveness of various market segments. 
Aside from our ongoing surveillance, supervision and enforcement work, we believe that the best form of investor protection is ultimately through investor empowerment and education to enable informed investment decision-making. Here you can lodge a complaint through the SC’s Consumer & Investor Office, learn more about our investor education initiatives, how to become a whistleblower, and links to useful resources.
17 May 2019
The Guidelines on Recognized Markets (Guidelines) are issued by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) pursuant to section 377 of the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 (CMSA) read together with subdivision 4, division 2 of Part II CMSA.

14 May 2019
This document is applicable to all capital market entities. It serves as a guidance on the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC)’s expectations on business continuity as well as a platform to increase awareness on the importance of having an effective business continuity arrangement.

14 May 2019
Credit rating agencies (CRAs) play an important role in the development of corporate bond market in Malaysia. Hence, it serves the best interest of the bond market for CRAs to conduct their credit rating activities in accordance with principles of integrity, transparency, quality and good governance.
28 Dec 2012
Incorporating latest amendment up to 28 December 2012

30 April 2017
The Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (MCCG) introduced in 2000 has been a significant tool for corporate governance reform, and has influenced corporate governance practices of companies positively

25 May 2018
The Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) of the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has approved an updated list of securities which have been classified as Shariah-compliant securities. The list of Shariah-compliant securities which are listed on Bursa Malaysia will take effect from 25 May 2018
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