The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) is a capital market regulator. Established on 1 March 1993 under the Securities Commission Act 1993, we are a self-funding statutory body set up under the Ministry of Finance with investigative and enforcement powers. Our ultimate responsibility is to protect the investors.
We also register prospectuses of corporations and funds, approve corporate bond issues and regulate corporate mergers and acquisitions. Apart from discharging its regulatory functions, the SC is also obliged by statute to encourage and promote the development of the securities and derivatives markets in Malaysia.
A career that fits your calling

The SC recognises that the quality of human resource is key to developing and regulating a complex and dynamic industry. Our people derive great satisfaction from working in a respected, high-profile public agency that looks after public interest. We believe strongly in our mandate of protecting investors and ensuring the transparency, integrity and orderly development of the Malaysian capital market which makes our work meaningful.

In ensuring we deliver our mandate to the nation and protect investors, our responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Legal, Compliance & Regulatory
  • Development Initiatives
  • Organisation Effectiveness
  • Legal, Compliance & Regulatory
    • Provide policy, legal and strategic advice in support of the SC’s regulatory and developmental initiatives to protect investors and instil market confidence 
    • Investigate suspected breaches of capital market laws and regulations to ensure sufficient evidence to support appropriate enforcement action 
    • Develop and review policies relating to the capital market’s regulatory framework
    • Ensuring that the market institutions have the appropriate governance structure, resources, and capability to meet their obligations
    • Carry out supervision functions relating to risks associated with regulated entities, intermediaries and investment management intermediaries
    • Manage supervision and surveillance efforts directed at monitoring market trading activities in the securities industry for early detection of regulatory offences or violations and taking appropriate remedial action to ensure market integrity
    • Perform the gatekeeping function on licensees and registered persons

    We want you if you are already doing any of these functions: Legal drafting, litigation, forensic accounting, investigator, external auditing, internal auditing, compliance, management accounting, corporate finance, data expert, statistician, actuary, crowd funding, fintech or relevant.
  • Development Initiatives
    • Facilitate initiatives in relation to product innovation and development of markets/industries to broaden and deepen the Malaysian capital market
    • Monitor, analyse and forecast economic developments trends and its impact to the capital market
    • Conduct industry research and analysis on various capital market development initiatives
    • Review industry proposals

    We want you if you are already doing any of these functions: Researcher, economist, data expert, statistician, actuary, event facilitators, project management officers or relevant
  • Organisation Effectiveness
    • Building and optimising the SC resources such as our workforce, facilities and knowledge management
    • Design appropriate interventions to continuously improve as a high performing organisation
    • Promoting the SC’s reputation, by strengthening communications and relationships
    • Manage the Business Intelligence (BI) system development and implementation across the organisation
    • Provide financial and accounting services, manage procurement, placing and monitoring of investment and manage cash management

    We want you if you are already doing any of these functions: HR practitioners, finance, property engineers, librarian, IT, cyber security, corporate communications, writers, secretarial or relevant

The SC DNA, which was introduced in 2023, has six (6) dimensions. These dimensions serve as the backbone for the SC’s values. Together, they form a powerful foundation for embodying the values of a model regulator and delivering excellence in all aspects of our work.

Training and Development

We recognise that learning is a competitive advantage and we are committed in helping our people reach their full potential.

We offer:
  • Continuous training supports to our people in helping them in their daily work
  • Financial support to enable our people to pursue their academic dreams while working with the SC
  • An award to recognise their creative ideas in constantly improving our internal processes



Benefits and Compensation

We believe that supporting our people personally and professionally is the best way to engage and motivate them. We offer to our people:

  • Comprehensive medical and dental coverage for employee and dependants
  • Attractive benefits covering retirement scheme, loans, interest subsidy, education sponsorship and scholarship
  • Conducive work environment and a modern in-house cafeteria
  • Work-life balance through flexible work arrangement, work from home practice and childcare centre
Application and Our Selection Process

  1. You need to fill up the online application form at and upload your latest CV together with your academic transcripts and certificates onto the systems as a complete application
  2. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified either via email or phone calls due to the bulk of inflow applications
  3. You are required to undergo three rounds of selection process:
    1. Face-to-face interview
    2. Psychometrics online assessment
    3. On-site psychometrics assessment 

For successful applicants:
  1. You will be invited to under-go a pre-employment medical check-up and be certified as fit for employment by our medical consultant
  2. You need to furnish two referral letters to us for consideration
    1. Professional referral letter
    2. Personal referral letter
  3. Offer letter will be issued upon clearance of conditions (a) and (b) respectively
  4. You need to indicate your acceptance of offer within ten working days otherwise the offer will be deemed as void. Opportunity will then be given to other deserving candidates
Useful Interview Tips/What to Expect

  • Focus on your resume 
  • Be precise and state clearly all the important dates in your CV e.g. graduation year, start date and end date of each employment, project involvements, milestone achievement, etc.
  • A lengthy and wordy resume is not necessarily better 
  • Take some time to write your resume in your own language, after all it is about you and your achievements
  • Include your current contact details to make sure you are reachable and contactable
  • Apart from your academic and career milestones, you should also highlights on all your other extra-curricular activities, projects, CSR involvements, or any other achievements 
  • During the interview, be yourself and make sure you are comfortable to ease the conversation flow 
  • Always bring along your original certificates and transcripts for us to verify your milestones and achievements
Frequently Asked Questions
about the SC
The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) was established on 1 March 1993 under the Securities Commission Act 1993 (SCA). We are a self-funded statutory body entrusted with the responsibility to regulate and develop the Malaysian capital market.

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