Corporate Actions
The problem statement
  • Notification and subscription of corporate actions like Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP), general meetings, general offers, share conversion etc still largely manual
  • E-rights subscription remains low
  • Online trade blocks placed on securities undergoing share consolidation exercises
The objective
  • To enable digitisation of corporate actions, ranging from notification to subscription and/or payment
  • To enable investors to trade seamlessly during a share consolidation exercise
Enabling online investors to continue trading shares undergoing share consolidation exercise
  1. Issuance of directive and Practice Note by SC to all CMSL holders requiring them to cease trading blocks on securities undergoing share consolidation exercises to facilitate seamless online trading by investors.
Facilitating for fully virtual and hybrid general meetings
  1. The SC issued a Guidance and FAQs on the Conduct of General Meetings for Listed Issuers; to facilitate the conduct of fully virtual general meetings and hybrid general meetings.

Listed issues will have to offer shareholders an option to convert shares electronically, electronically subscribe to rights issues and electronically participate in dividend reinvestment schemes

  1. Amendments to Bursa’s Main and ACE Market Listing Requirements to provide securities holders with an option to subscribe for rights shares, exercise convertible securities and participate in a Dividend Reinvestment Scheme electronically

List of platforms used by companies to facilitate virtual and hybrid general meetings (as at 31 July 2020):
  • Tricor RPV
  • Lumi AGM
  • GoToWebinar
  • Vote2u
  • Cisco Webex
  • Securities Services e-Portal
  • Boardroom Smart Investor Online Portal
  • Zoom
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