Post-Trade and Settlement
The problem statement
  • Low adoption of e-contracts and e-statement
  • Online settlement for trades limited by daily online banking limit of up to RM 30-50k. Cheques are still used for large value transactions
The objective
  • To facilitate adoption of electronic notification of contract notes and statements
  • To enable higher online settlement limit for stockbroking, with enhanced settlement controls by brokers
Move collectively towards full adoption of electronic contract notes and electronic statements through:
Strengthen requirement of controls for brokers, as part of enabling higher daily transaction limits
Payment solutions to enable brokers to offer higher settlement limit
  • FPX's Merchant Specific Higher Transaction Limit 
    (For more information, please contact PayNet at [email protected])

List of banks currently offering higher daily online settlement limit of RM100,000 (as at 31 July 2020):
  1. Affin Bank Berhad
  2. Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
  3. HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad
  4. OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad
  5. Public Bank Berhad
  6. RHB Bank Berhad
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