Capital Market Service Related Complaints
Updated: 29 June 2020

The SC wishes to inform that our platforms for members of the public to lodge complaints and/or make enquiries pertaining to the Malaysian capital market continues to be available.

Members of the public may contact the Consumer and Investor Office (“CIO”) by:

  • Calling (603) 6204 8999 from Monday to Friday (9.00am to 6.00pm);
  • Emailing [email protected];
  • Mailing to:
Consumer & Investor Office
Securities Commission Malaysia
No 3 Persiaran Bukit Kiara
Bukit Kiara;
50490 Kuala Lumpur; 
  • Faxing (603) 6204 8991;

CIO will receive walk-in visitors by appointment only.
The public may request for an appointment by calling or emailing CIO.

For complaint, please download and complete the form and forward the same to SC.
  • What types of complaint and enquiry does SC look into?

    • On capital market regulated activities of: 
      • dealing in securities; 
      • dealing in derivatives; 
      • unit trusts; 
      • fund management; 
      • advising on corporate finance; 
      • investment advice; 
      • financial planning; or 
      • private retirement schemes;
    • Persons undertaking regulated activities without a valid licence or registration from SC. Examples include: 
      • Pooling of money from public for fund management or purchase of shares for investment purpose; 
      • Offering of platform to trade in indices, stocks, equity crowdfunding; 
      • Offering of platform to trade securities or derivatives based on automated advise/trading strategy; 
      • Individual/company promoting unlicensed scheme using the name of a licensed intermediary;
    • Conduct of holder of Capital Markets Services Licence (“CMSL”) and Capital Markets Services Representative’s Licence (“CMSRL”); 
    • Conduct of Registered Person as prescribed in the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007, including market operators; 
    • Conduct of public listed companies and/or its directors and officers; 
    • Issuance and offering of securities without proper approval, authorization or recognition. Examples include: 
      • Offering of pre-IPO shares; 
      • Initial coin offering which results in issuance of securities;
    • Issuance and offering of securities without registering prospectus or disclosure document with SC;
    • Issues relating to take overs and mergers; and
    • Any market misconducts offences such as market manipulation and insider trading etc. 

  • Things to include in a complaint or enquiry

    Please give us as much information as you can on the following: 
    • Full name and contact details. 
    • Details of the persons complained against. 
    • Background of your complaint or enquiry. 
    • Must attach copies of relevant documents to support the complaint or enquiry. Please keep the original documents.

  • What happens after a complaint or enquiry is filed?

    When we receive a complaint or enquiry, we will acknowledge receipt and provide you with a reference number for future reference. All complaint or enquiry received will be treated on confidential basis and will not be revealed to any third party unless required or authorized to do so under any law.

    We will conduct preliminary enquiry and initial assessment, to determine whether the complaint or enquiry is within SC’s purview. The main focus of the review is to determine whether the securities laws are complied with. No further action will be taken, if the complaint or enquiry contains too few details. 

    While all complaints or enquiry received contained valuable information, not every matter brought to SC’s attention will result in enforcement action. Under the securities laws, SC has the discretion to decide actions to be taken. Our decision not to take further action on your complaint does not affect your private right to take your own legal action. Please seek legal advice accordingly.

    In filing your complaint with SC, please take note that SC will not advise you on what we have discovered post-review because SC is restrained by law from disclosing information obtained during the performance of our regulatory functions.

    Any enforcement action initiated by SC will be made public by way of information in our website or press release. These restrictions are designed to ensure the integrity of SC’s complaints process. SC has no power to enforce simply because a complainant demands an action.

    In relation to complaints that involve recovery of monies, kindly contact Securities Industry Dispute Resolution Center (“SIDREC”).

  • Things to know before making enquiry and/or complaint

    1. If your enquiry is on the licensing status of the holder of our CMSL and CMSRL, you can verify their status by accessing our Public Register of Licence Holder via
    2. SC periodically updates an Investor Alert List stating persons who carry on the regulated activities without licence. It also contains information regarding persons who may be wrongly perceived by the public as licensed by SC. The information published on the Alert List is based on what was known to SC at the time of publication. The list is not exhaustive and is updated from time to time. You can access the Alert List via
    3. If you are dealing with our licensed intermediary/representative, and have a complaint against it, please raise your complaint with the licensed intermediary concerned and copy SC in the communication.
    4. If you have a monetary dispute against a licensed intermediary or a registered person (i.e. a bank), not exceeding RM250,000, you may proceed to seek for redress from SIDREC. Further information about SIDREC can be accessed via
    5. If you are aggrieved with the conduct of Unit Trust or Private Retirement Scheme consultants, you are advised to lodge a complaint with Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (“FIMM”). Further information about FIMM can be accessed via

  • How to lodge a complaint?
    Last Updated
    13 Feb 2018

    Please download and complete the following editable pdf form:

    Complaint Form (Bahasa Malaysia/Englishversion)(pdf – 277KB)
    3 January 2019

    Please complete the form and forward the same as an attachment to the Aduan e-mail listed below. The form can also be faxed or sent to the address below:

    Consumer & Investor Office 
    Securities Commission Malaysia 
    No 3 Persiaran Bukit Kiara 
    Bukit Kiara 
    50490 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel: +603-6204 8999 
    Fax: +603-6204 8991 
    E-mail: [email protected]

General Line: +603-6204 8000
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