Cases Compounded In 2002
No. Nature of Offence Offender(s) Facts of Case Date Charged


Directors who provided false and misleading statements/ information to investors Fong Kiah Yeow Fong, a Director of Sinmah Resources Bhd, had caused false information to be disclosed to investors in the company's abridged prospectus. The false information relates to an undertaking that was supposedly given by FCH Holdings to fully subscribe its entitlement for rights issue shares, when in fact it was not accurate. Fong Kiah Yeow was compounded RM150,000 for the offence.
2. Utilisation of company proceeds for puposes other than those approved by the SC Lion Corporation Bhd Lion Corporation Bhd had misutilised approximately RM43.8 million of proceeds raised from its bonds and rights issue exercise. The monies were used for purposes other than those approved by the SC. Lion Corporation Bhd was compounded RM100,000.
Insas Bhd Insas Bhd raised approximately RM227million from its rights issue exercise. From this, approximately RM19.2 million was misused to finance expenditure relating to trading of quoted securities, thereby breaching conditions set by the SC. Insas was compounded RM80,000 for the offence.
3. Illegal Internet investment adviser Exaretel Sdn Bhd Exaretel had illegally provided investment advice and trading recommendations to its clients through the company's website. Exaratel was not licensed to provide any investment advice over the Internet or otherwise. Exaretel was compounded RM20,000 for the offence.
4. Companies that sold unit trusts without valid prospectuses Hijrah Unit Trust Management Sdn Bhd Hijrah Unit Trust Management sold ASNITA unit trusts after its prospectus had lapsed. Hijrah was compounded RM50,000 for the offence.
Rohani Mohd Shahir Rohani had abetted Metrowangsa Unit Trust Bhd (formerly known as Hijrah Unit Trust) in selling ASNITA unit trust without a valid prospectus. Rohani was compounded RM20,000 for the offence.
5. Persons who opened CDS accounts using different names and ICs to facilitate multiple IPO share applications
  • Ahmad Said
  • Mohd Zin Abu Bakar
  • Mohamad Rozali Isohak
  • Neo Ming Lee
  • Raja Aizah Raja Aziz
  • Zuraini Ariffin
These individuals had used the identities of third parties to open numerous CDS accounts when in fact they themselves were the beneficial owners. The accounts were opened to facilitate those individuals’ multiple IPO share applications. The offenders were compounded between RM50,000 to RM140,000.
6. Persons who opened CDS accounts using different names and ICs to facilitate their personal trading activities Oh Kim Hoe Oh opened three CDS accounts at TA Securities Bhd in different names to facilitate his personal trading activities. He was in fact the sole beneficial owner of those accounts. Oh was compounded RM60,000 for the offence.
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