Civil Action in 2011
No. Breach Defendants Brief facts of the case
1. Carrying on a business of trading in futures contract or fund management
  • Ahmad Nazmi Bin Mohamed
  • Mohd Shahrul Firdaus Bin Zakaria
  • Mohd Khalid Bin Sujud
  • Fakhrul Arif Bin Ahmad Husni
  • Fakhrul Mukmin Bin Ahmad Husni
  • Fakhrul Razi bin Ahmad Husni
  • Ahmad Fauzi bin Ambran
The Defendants, their agents, their servants have been soliciting monies from the public and perpetrate the fraud and/or scam by using CIMB Futures as a front to invite or entice potential investors to invest funds through them. Attachments:
  • Submission of false statements and/or information in Prospectus.
    [s.55 of the SCA] Submission of false information in Annual Report
    [s.122B of the SIA] Securities Fraud surrounding IPO exercise
    [s.87 and 87A of the SIA]
  • Wimems Corporation Berhad – [1st Defendant]
  • Flex-P Industries Berhad – [2nd Defendant]
  • Fong Piau – [3rd Defendant ]
Each of the defendant was involved in:
Authorized and/or caused the issue of Wimems Prospectus dated 30 December 2005 which contained False Statements and/or information that was false. 

Knowingly authorized and/or permitted the making or furnishing of false statements to the SC and/or to Bursa Malaysia in the delaying of securities and/or the affairs of Wimems.

Directly or indirectly in connection of purchase or sale of Wimems shares to the general investing public individually or collectively conspired and/or engaged in an act by way of scheme to defraud and/or deceive the investors of Wimems and/or made untrue statement of a material fact including the False Statements in the Prospectus and/or the Annual Report.


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