Electronic Licensing Application (ELA)
ELA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) deals with the frequent questions posed by ELA users. This FAQ is formulated to assist ELA users concerning ELA applications. It provides guidance to users on the technical areas of ELA including accessing ELA, login, troubleshooting with ELA and other issues.
  1. How do I become an ELA user?
    Upon your company obtaining a CMSL, the SC will send an “Electronic Licensing Application (ELA) System – Terms and Conditions of Use and ELA User ID & Password” letter together with Acceptance of Terms and Conditions and Market Participant User ID Request form to your Executive Director. These forms should be completed and returned to the SC, to provide ELA access to the authorised persons.
  2. What is the difference between ELA administrator and ELA user?
    ELA administrator is responsible to update the company’s ELA system, managing its users, disseminating information of ELA announcements to users, amending ELA users’ profiles, reassigning sign on passwords and other administrative details on ELA use. ELA users update the information in ELA system when needed and liaise with the ELA administrator if they encounter problem in the system.
  3. I am already an ELA administrator. How do I apply for a new ELA user?
    You may mail to us the Market Participant User ID Request form and a letter of Application for a new User ID. The form is already included in the “Electronic Licensing Application (ELA) System – Terms and Conditions of Use and ELA User ID & Password” letter that was given to you after obtaining the CMSL. If you have lost the form, you may request the softcopy by emailing ELA Helpdesk.
  4. Is there any limit of requesting new User ID?
    You can request up to 5 User IDs only.
  5. Can I share my User ID with another person?
    No. The User ID cannot be used by anyone other than the person it is assigned to without the expressed prior written consent of the SC
  6. What is the procedure if I want to change an ELA user?
    You may mail to us the Market Participant User ID Request form and a letter of application for a new User ID.
  7. I want to access to the ELA system from my office. What are the PC requirements?
    Basically you require 6 items:
    - PC with scanning device
    - Printer
    - Microsoft Words (minimum version 1997)
    - Internet connection
    - Web browser (Internet Explorer version 6.0 and above)
    - Email account for each user
  8. I only have dialup connection to connect to the Internet. Will that suffice?
    It is recommended to use Broadband, ISDN or ISP leased line for Internet connectivity. Please contact your IT personnel to ensure that Internet access is not too congested.
  9. Why do I need a scanner?
    It is recommended that you connect a scanner to the PC and to the network. The scanner is used to scan your documents, i.e. financial statements, which need to be submitted via the ELA system. Please contact your IT personnel to set up the sharing environment so that companies which have more than one ELA users can share the scanner.
  10. Why do I need an email account?
    All notifications from the ELA system will be sent to your email account that you had provided. As such, it is recommended to use your company’s email account. Please contact your IT personnel if you do not have an email account.
  11. Can I access the ELA system outside my office?
    Yes, it is accessible outside your office. To access the system, you need an Internet connection and Internet Explorer (web browser) version 6.0 and above.
  12. Can I use any web browser to access to ELA system?
    You can only use Internet Explorer version 6.0 and above to access our system. This is very important because it ensures information and forms appear correctly on your PC.
  1. I am an ELA user. I have been locked out of the ELA system and unable to login. How do I request for a new password?
    You may ask your company’s ELA Administrator for a temporary password.
  1. I received an email from the ELA system stating that my top up has been validated but when I try to open it, a message box appears displaying the message “Can’t open this item. Your Digital ID name cannot be found by the underlying security system”. How do I fix this?
    Most likely the error message box appears due to your antivirus software and/or PC Certificate Store:
    - Antivirus System

    Check if all PCs that have access to that email can open the email. If all PCs cannot open the email, check if your antivirus software works with Exchange Server. Some antivirus software may have scanning issues for signed emails. Please refer to your IT personnel or the antivirus software vendor.

    - PC Certificate
    Check for your PC’s PC Certificate store under “Trusted Root Certificate Authorities” if “VeriSign Trust Network” is available and has not expired. Please refer to your IT personnel if these solutions do not solve the problem.
  2. When I print a form, the form is not displayed. Instead, an “Information Bar” window pops up displaying the message “Did you notice the Information Bar? The Information Bar alerts you when Internet Explorer blocks a popup window or file download that might not be safe. If a Web page does not display properly, look for the Information at the top of the page and click it.” What should I do?

    The “Information Bar” window pops up because your popup blocker in your Internet Explorer automatically blocks the popup window of the form. To permanently enable ELA popup windows, you have to modify the popup blocker settings. Please follow these steps:
    - Open Internet Explorer
    - Go to the menu bar and click Tools > Popup Blocker > Popup Blocker Settings
    - Under the “Address of website to allow:”, type ers.seccom.com.my/ela
    - Click Add. Under “Allowed sites:”, you can see that ers.seccom.com.my/ela is already included in the list
    - Click Close
  3. I am in the mailing list for applications updates from ELA Helpdesk but have not received any updates. What should I do?
    This could happen due to your network server problem, mailbox full or change of email. Please ensure that your server is up at all times and ensure that you have sufficient mailbox storage. Also, please notify by emailing to ELA Helpdesk if you want to change your email address.
  4. I have been trying to access to ELA system for four consecutive hours but the page just won’t open. What is happening?
    Most probably you’re having problem with your Internet connection. Please refer to your IT personnel to rectify this.
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