SC Revokes Licenses of Two Individuals
10 June 2015   |   Kuala Lumpur
The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has revoked the Capital Market Services Representative’s Licenses (CMSRLs) of two individuals, Robyn Lau Zheng-Yin and Shahmir Pavin Joshi effective from 20 May 2015
Robyn Lau Zheng-Yin, aged 28, and Shahmir Pavin Joshi, aged 29, had submitted to the SC result slips that showed they had passed the requisite examination modules when applying for their CMSRLs.

However, records of the Securities Industry Development Corporation showed that they had not passed the said examination modules as claimed. Submission of a false or misleading statement to the SC in connection with an application for a CMSRL is an offence under section 71 of the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 (CMSA).

As such, the SC finds that these individuals are no longer fit and proper to continue to be licensed to carry out regulated activities in the Malaysian capital market. Robyn Lau Zheng-Yin and Shahmir Pavin Joshi have not filed any appeal against the SC’s decision within the prescribed time provided in the CMSA.

Robyn Lau Zheng-Yin was formerly attached to TA Securities Holdings Berhad while Shahmir Pavin Joshi was formerly employed at Maybank Investment Bank Berhad.

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