Civil Action in 2008
No. Breach Plaintiff(s) Brief facts of the case
  • Market rigging
  • Market manipulation
  • Use of fraudulent scheme and device in connection with the purchase or sale of securities
  • Acting as an investment adviser/investment representative without licence
  • Aeneas Capital Management, L.P.
  • Thomas R. Grossman
  • Richard Cohen
  • John Suglia
  • Priam Holdings Ltd
  • Aeneas Evolution Portfolio, Ltd.
  • Aeneas Portfolio Company, L.P.
  • Acadian Worldwide Inc.
  • Tan Mong Sing,
  • Dato’ Low Thiam Hock
On 9 April 2008, SC filed a civil suit against 8 foreign defendants and 2 local individuals. SC is seeking:
  • Declaration that all the defendants conspired to manipulate the market and share price of Iris, and defrauded investors;
  • Declaration that all profits earned by the defendants are held in constructive trust for the benefit of the affected investors;
  • Orders that all the assets and properties of each of the defendants be traced and followed, and then paid to the SC for the purpose of compensating the affected investors;
  • Permanent injunction to restrain each of the defendants from trading in Iris shares;
  • Permanent injunction to restrain each of the defendants from trading in any counter on Bursa Malaysia or MESDAQ; and
  • General and exemplary damages.


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